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Winetasting Report

Hit up Trader Joe’s for a tasting today while I was shopping – these are all exclusive brands.  Bottom line: white and rosé good, reds not so much.

Vintj’s Sauvignon Blanc (2012) Knights Valley, California, $7.99

Grassy/gooseberry nose, then more herbal notes on the palate; I think there’s a touch of oak in this. Definitely not a New Zealand style, much more a Fumé Blanc. A good choice when you’re tired of the grapefruit style.

Incanto Raboso Frizzante (NV) Veneto, Italy, $8.99.

Raboso is one of those oddball Italian grapes you don’t see very often. This is a nice, lightly sparkling, and just slightly off-dry rosé. The tiniest bit of sweetness, but very refreshing and clean with pure strawberry and cherry fruit. Nothing like a Lambrusco!

Babble Red (2011) Mendocino County, California, $8.99.

No blend indicated – but given that it’s from Mendocino, there’s probably a good amount of Zinfandel in it.  Dark in color, but the nose and palate are pretty dumb. There’s some chocolate, but the fruit is very thin. Not recommended.

Found Object Malbec (2011) Mendoza, Argentina, $7.99.

This had a very closed nose when first opened; the TJ wine guy poured it from bottle to decanter and back again several times, and it did start to open up.  Mostly notes of baked and chewy fruit; probably cast-offs from a sorting table. There’s much better in the world for similar prices. Not recommended.