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Drinking Tonight” La Granja Tempranillo-Grenache

This is a 50-50 blend from the Cariñena region of northeastern Spain.  Fun fact – Cariñena is where the Carignan grape originated, even though there are almost no plantings of the grape there today – it’s mostly migrated across the Pyrenees to southern France.

This is the 2011 vintage, $7 from Trader Joe’s.  I’m drinking this with an herb & tomato salad; I’ll probably grill up a plain chicken breast later as well.

Color: ultra-purple and dark – like a Petite Sirah.

Aroma: mostly just cocoa and spice; not picking up much fruit on the nose.

Taste: even-bodied across the palate; the color fools you a bit, it’s not as heavy as you think it’s going to be.  But the finish picks up the weight a bit more. Still too much on the spice/cocoa/tannin side – I think this should be served with charred meat to really shine.