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Tasting Note – Hawthorne Barrel Reserve Chardonnay

From one of my trips up north last year – I’m having this with a cod, potato, and cabbage dish from Blue Apron.

Hawthorne Barrel Reserve Chardonay (2013) Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan – $25

Color: straw yellow.

Aroma: lemon and Golden Delicious apple fruit, with just a touch of vanilla.

Taste: very well-balanced, and quite rich in texture – more apple fruit, with lemon underneath.  The oak and vanilla notes are subdued and harmonious; this is not a typical oaky Chard.  The finish is quite long, on both the mid-palate and the back of the tongue, and coats the mouth nicely with fruit and a hint of lanolin.

20170430_191040Pairing: it opens up a little more with some warmth and the food, and exhibits some tropical notes – especially pineapple. A great foil for the earthiness of the food.

Recommended! This easily competes with Chardonnays in the same price range from California.  I see from their website that this vintage is sold out now – if you were lucky enough to snag some, you’re in for a real treat.  I’ll be checking out more recent vintages soon.

Ordering Wine in Restaurants – now on Kindle

Wine Me Up! Ordering Wine in Restaurants is now available in the Kindle Store for $2.99!

This is my most ambitious volume to date – it gives you the inside skinny on how wine lists are put together, guidance on how to assess the list and the restaurant staff, and detailed pairing instructions for more than a dozen cuisines.

It even gives you some help with choosing wine on a first date, or at an important business function.

Future volumes already underway include South Africa and Wine Buying at Trader Joe’s.