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Fadeaway Pinot Noir

I’m hoping this falls into the cheap-but-good category! Let’s see how this goes down with a simple onion & pepper pizza.

Fadeaway Pinot Noir (2012) Monterey County, California – $8

20140423_075404(0)Color: on the purplish side, but it’s not dense or opaque – which probably means it really is 100% Pinot, and hasn’t been stretched with Zin or Syrah.

Aroma: raspberry and strawberry fruit – just a little hint of cherry as well.

Taste: more fruit – it’s light and lively on the tongue, and the finish is very soft and easy with a little floral and forest-floor character.

Recommended – this is an eminently drinkable true Pinot for under $15, which is a rare find these days.


Drinking Tonight: Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Riesling

A simple off-dry Riesling to go with homemade chicken pot pie. The ‘petit reserve’ in the name means that this is a small production run, so availability is limited.

Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Riesling (2012) Monterey County, California – $6

Photo0302Color: very pale gold with a tiny hint of green.

Aroma: zesty – honeysuckle, green apple, and jasmine. As it warms up, some honeyed stone fruit aromas come out as well – apricot and white peach.

Taste: a good balance of acidity, fruit, and just a little sweetness (about 2 out of 10 on the sugar scale). More apple and floral notes on the tongue, with a little of that minerality that Riesling is known for. Not a lot of citrus, so you can drink this without food.

This is an excellent deal. It puts a lot of the $10 Rieslings from Washington to shame. Absolutely a recommended wine – get some while you can.