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The Sum

Another catch-up tasting note; I had this at Terry B’s in Dexter last week.  It’s an intricate label, and I wish my pictures had come out better (Chad, your photobomb was blurred out – no worries!)

The Sum has a great pedigree – one of the winemakers is Tuck Beckstoffer, son of famed Napa grower and vintner Andy Beckstoffer. The wine is 75% Cab, with Syrah and Petite Sirah to finish off the blend.

The Sum Red (2011) California

20140415_173055Color: straight ruby red.

Aroma: a jammy and spicy nose.

Taste: cherry and kirsch, not too tight. Good acidity and balance, which is a challenge in Cabernet from California if the vineyard location, the breed of grape, and the weather aren’t in sync.

Nice overall; a good deal for a restaurant pour.


Blue Fin Chardonnay

One of the original members of the Blue Fin line (along with the Pinot Noir) from Trader Joe’s. I’m having this with mushroom risotto and steamed broccoli this evening.

Blue Fin Chardonnay (2011) California – $5

Photo0339Color: pale golden-yellow, with a little bit of green – which indicates that it’s relatively young, and that pressing and fermentation were done with good temperature control.

Aroma: apple and pear mostly; the nose isn’t very big.

Taste: pretty fresh, with more apple and pear notes, a little bit of tropical fruit, and just a little butter. They probably used just a little induced malolactic fermentation to soften this up.

Good but not great. I would have liked a more pronounced aroma, a more complicated mix of flavors on the palate, and a longer finish.