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Drinking Tonight: The Executioner

Since I discovered this wine a few years ago, I’ve been a huge fan. I sold nearly 10% of their US production at the wine shop I used to manage.  This is the 2008 vintage – 55% Shiraz, 43% Cabernet, and 2% Viognier from Victoria, Australia.

The owner, George Shinas, is a judge in Australia, and all his labels are judicial-themed, with great sepia-toned labels. He reserves the best few barrels of his varietal Shiraz and Cabernet for his flagship blend.

Color: This is a dark garnet red with a clear, clean edge.

Aroma: Very Australian – mint, oak, spice, hot fruit underneath. I opened this straight from the cellar (58 Fahrenheit) and the 15% alcohol is noticeable.

Taste: The alcohol does not come through on the palate: big, chewy, jammy fruit with moderate spice – the oaky vanilla notes come through on the finish, along with a return of the mint and eucalyptus.

$30 in Ohio, but totally worth it. For the money, this is one of the best Australian wines you can find. There were only a few hundred cases shipped to the US, so ask your wine shop to contact the importers, Vine Street.