Private Tastings and Consulting

Private Tastings

I am available to conduct private tastings for businesses and parties, anywhere in southwestern Ohio, including Wine 101 or other classes.

Personal Wine Cellars

I can advise you on construction of your wine cellar, to ensure the proper environment of stable temperature and humidity, vibration and light isolation, and a convenient organizational scheme. I also provide purchasing and stocking services.

Restaurant Services

I also provide wine and beer consulting to restaurants, on either a one-time or retainer basis. Services include:

Writing and revising beer and wine lists, with tasting notes and pairing suggestions.

Provide server training for wine and beer:

        • Translating formal terms into customer/casual wording
        • Advise clientele on choosing and pairing
        • Presentation, service, and etiquette

Inventory management processes and training:

  • Ordering, stocking, layout, and rotation
  • Seasonal buying patterns
  • Specials
  • Temperature
  • Glassware, decanters, and corkscrews

For More Information

Please contact me at for further information.


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