Tasting Note: 45 North Chenin Blanc

This has a touch of Viognier in it – which beefs it up and turns this into more of a Rhone-style white.  They had a few unfortunate years of weather up north recently, so they had to bring in juice in from Oregon and Washington for this bottling.  But I’ve been impressed how 45 North always does well with Chenin and white Rhone grapes, and this is no exception.

45 North Chenin Blanc (2015) American – $22

Color: light gold.

Aroma: floral – jasmine, white grape, and vanilla predominate.

Taste: off-dry, with floral and white grape up front. The Viognier really makes a difference in the mouthfeel, turning this into a rich, unctuous, coat-your-tongue white. The acidity is perfectly balanced, and I found this smooth and an excellent food wine.

Stands up well to strong vegetal tastes like artichokes and asparagus.  Would also pair well with goat cheese.


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