Tasting Note – 45 North Chenin Blanc

Chenin is a grape that originates in the Loire valley in central France – it’s very popular in South Africa, and it’s grown in the US as well.  This is a nice find from a winery up in the Traverse City area that I’ve visited a few times.  I’m pairing this with plain risotto, and some oyster mushrooms that a friend harvested from the woods near his home.

45 North Chenin Blanc (2015) American – $22

20170630_183019Color: pale lemon-yellow.

Aroma: citrusy – lemon and mandarin orange, plus some orange-blossom floral notes.  Very inviting.

Taste: lush, with a balance of acidity and ripe citrus fruit right up front that makes you want to take a hefty gulp.  The midpalate continues with orange blossoms and some stone fruit.  The finish is quite long, and very harmonious.

With the rice and mushrooms, it fruit and touch of residual sugar serve as a nice contrast to the earthy richness of the meal.

As it warms up, it develops a nice hint of smokiness and dried apricot near the finish – yum!

This is a great wine for food (roasted chicken!) or for just having a glass after work.  I’d put this up against anything in its price range, from anywhere in the world.  Highly recommended!


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