Tasting Note: HB Picpoul de Pinet

PicpHB_picpouloul de Pinet is one of those fairly obscure white grapes from the south of France (also known as Folle Blanche) that is absolutely adored in its home region, and nearly ignored elsewhere.  It’s a great picnic white, as it typically has great fruit and floral notes, isn’t oaked, and tastes just as well right out of the ice-bucket and after it’s warmed up in your glass for a half-hour.

HB (2015) Picpoul de Pinet, France – $11

Color: pale yellow-green.

Aroma: crisp, with citrus and honeysuckle.

Taste: right on the mark between crisp and full in the mouth, with a hint of candied-fruit sweetness in the midpalate and a very long, full finish. More citrus notes, but also green apple and a touch of jasmine.  Absolutely lovely.

This pairs exceedingly well with my catfish, as it’s served with Japanese noodles and vegetables; the ginger and the lushness of the wine go very nicely together.

A great value wine, highly recommended!  This is a wonderful alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.


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