Tasting Note: Chateau Tayac

This is a Trader Joe’s exclusive from Bordeaux that I picked up late last year. It’s a bit early to be drinking 2014 Margaux, even from the petits chateaux, but let’s see if it’s got any potential for aging – if so, I’ll snag a case.  I’m drinking this to accompany a simple cheeseburger with sautéd onions.

Chateau Tayac (2014) Margaux, France – $17

Color: quite dark, purple on the edges and black in the center of the glass.

Aroma: black fruit, cedar, and earth notes.  Nose is a bit impenetrable right now, I’ll give it some air and check again in 30 minutes.

Taste: yes, this is young – a mix of tannins and very dark black fruit up front, then opens up slightly in the midpalate, and finishes very tannic. Aerating in the mouth yields blackberry, dark plums, cassis, and just a touch of chocolate.

40 minutes after my first tastes, I topped up the glass and gave it a good swirl.  Much softer now, I’m happy to report – still lots of blackberry fruit, and solid age-worthy tannins.  The nose is still a little tight, but that’s to be expected.

Recommended – I’m calling my local TJ’s tomorrow to order a case.



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