Tasting Note: Cody Kresta Vignoles

Cody Kresta is in the Lake Michigan Shore appellation, which lies in the far southwest of Michigan, in the lakefront area between Chicago and Grand Rapids.  I visited them in December of last year.

Vignoles is a hybrid grape that we unfortunately don’t completely understand.  What the breeder supposedly put together 50+ years ago isn’t actually in the DNA markers of what’s planted in the fields today.  So somewhere along the lines the records got mixed up or shoots got mislabelled.  Vignoles, from the taste alone, undoubtedly has some American ancestry – it’s a spicy, foxy white that does well in cold climates and makes a nice off-dry or medium-sweet wine.  It’s also susceptible to botrytis cinerea (‘noble rot’), a fungal infection that makes the world’s most desirable dessert wines.

Cody Kresta Vignoles (2015) Lake Michigan Shore, MI – $15

Color: a pale, bright gold.

Aroma: relatively sweet on the nose, with honey, honeysuckle, floral, and stone fruit notes.

Taste: this is an off-dry Vignoles, with a good balance between acidity and sugar.  The mid-palate is apricot with lemon, and then there’s some wonderful smoky honeyed notes on the finish.  It’s a little sweeter than my usual wine, but well within the palatable range for lovers of both dry and medium-sweet whites.

I enjoyed a glass of this last night with Camembert and persimmon chutney, and it also pairs very nicely with the white chili I’m having for dinner tonight.

Recommended, especially if you or your family & friends have just a touch of a sweet tooth when it comes to wine.  Really nice at $15 – and I managed to snag mine at 20% off!


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