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Tasting Notes: Blustone Pinot Grigio

Blustone is one of the wineries I visited in the Traverse City area last year.  Their tasting room is in a gorgeous modernistic building perched on a hill overlooking the vineyards. I’m having this tonight with white chili. I believe this particular vintage comes from Pacific Northwest grapes, due to the terrible weather that northern Michigan experienced in 2014-2015.

Blustone Pinot Grigio (2015) – $16

Color: very pale gold

Aroma: mostly floral, especially jasmine, but also notes of white peaches and pear.

Taste: clean up front, then a huge mid-palate explosion of fruit notes – the aforementioned white peach and pear, plus white grape and apricot.  Acidity towards the finish is pleasing, and makes the wine suitable for an aperitif or drinking with food.  Don’t drink this ice-cold; at about 50 F it really opens up and develops a long, complex finish.

This went very nicely with the white chili (chicken, garbanzos, white cannellini beans, and salsa verde).  I would also suggest drinking it with goat cheese, grilled chicken, or any light meats with cream sauce.