Tasting Notes:

Picked this up on one of my Traverse City trips earlier in the year.  Their tasting room is a very nice modernistic building – slate, unfinished wood, chromed chairs – on a hilltop with a great vista of the vineyards.

Blustone Vineyards Riesling (2014) Leelanau Peninsula – $18

20161203_191725Color: bright and brassy.

Aroma: wow, big apple and pear aromas with white pepper and some of that Alsace oily character.

Taste: brisk and racy, dry, with loads of fruit.  Acidity hits right in the middle of the tongue and perks up the palate, with a good mouthfeel – full, but not cloying. The finish is perfectly balanced and clean, and plenty long.

Recommended!  Try this with charcuterie, grilled fish, or fresh goat cheese.  A great wine at any price, and $18 compares very well to quality dry Rieslings from France, Germany, or Washington.


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