Tasting Notes: bigLittle Mixtape White

This is from one of the smaller wineries on the Leelanau peninsula; their tasting room is colocated with Mawby (the big sparkling wine producer in the Traverse City area). I’m having this tonight with a Thai curry catfish. The variety breakdown on this is 64% Riesling, 18% Pinot Gris, and 18% Pinot Noir (blanc de noirs process for that one).

bigLittle Mixtape White (2014) Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan – $17

Color: Pale brassy yellow

Aroma: Definite floral character on the nose, plus some soft hazelnut/vanilla notes.

Taste: Clean, classic Riesling up front with notes of apple.  Not noticeably sweet at all, but enough mouth-cooling heft to handle a spicy Thai dish. Lime zest and minerality come out after it’s been in the glass for a bit; no doubt prompted by the curry. Light body and clean but with a long finish. Excellent with spicy food!

This is a nice, pleasant, easy-drinking bottle as an aperitif, but it has enough staying power to keep up with Thai curry.  Recommended!




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