Tasting Notes: Black Star Farms Arcturos Pinot Gris

This is one of the wines I picked up this summer in the Traverse City area.  Black Star has several properties, including vineyards on both the Old Mission Peninsula (a long, skinny spit of land which separates the bay into two halves) and the Leelanau Peninsula (a more substantial stretch of land on the west side of the bay).  Arcturos is one of their sub-brands – look for the ornate star on the label.

Arcturos Pinot Gris (2014) – $18

Color: very pale.

Aroma: lemon and lemon zest up front, then moving into pear and flinty notes.

Taste: round and soft, featuring pear and asian pear with underlying citrus.  Well-balanced acidity.  The finish is clean and a bit short, but then a few seconds later returns with more pear.

A good pairing for plain grilled or broiled chicken breast, or for light-bodied fish.



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