Chateau de Leelanau Cabernet Franc Rosé (2013) Leelanau Peninsula

One of my recent purchases from up in Traverse City.  You know I’m a fan of Cabernet Franc, and made it an especial point to taste everything from that grape that I could lay my hands on when I traveled north.

Color: bright berry pink – I mean bright almost to the point of cotton-candy!

Aroma: berries predominate, with a little bramble and forest floor.  Smells juicy.

Taste: a nice fruity mouthful with bramble/spice notes.  Just a hint of sweetness up front that rapidly gives way to complex fruit & bramble in the mid palate. A good touch of tannin and acid on the finish makes this a good food rosé.    

Tasted with roasted root vegetables – parsnips, carrots, onions, purple potatoes, white beets, and sweet potatoes.  Provided a nice contrast & enhancement for the earthy/salty vegetables.  Would also go great with flank steak or lots of tailgate foods

$17 –  Recommended!


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