I’m back. And this time, I mean it!

Hello everyone, and my apologies for the long hiatus.  I’ve moved to the Ann Arbor, Michigan area and am finally able to do some serious wine-tasting.  I’m currently on my second trip to the Traverse City area, in the northwest corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula, and have a lot of tasting notes to transcribe.

I plan on doing 2 more ebooks about Michigan wine. One of them will concentrate on Traverse City, since it’s the best-known wine region in the state, and is significant tourism destination.  The other will cover the rest of Michigan, including the lake shore between Grand Rapids and Indiana, as well as the wineries scattered around central and southeast Michigan.  Yoopers, I promise I’ll try to visit there sometime in the next few years!

Here’s a list of the places I’ve tasted at in the last month or so:

Central Michigan:

  • Cherry Creek
  • Heavenly
  • Chateau Aeronautique
  • Lone Oak
  • Seven Lakes
  • Spicer’s


Traverse City area:

  • Black Star
  • Brengman Brothers
  • Peninsula Cellars
  • Bonobo
  • Chateau Grand Traverse
  • Bower’s Harbor
  • Ciccone
  • Chateau de Leelanau
  • Shady Lane
  • Mawby
  • Mari
  • 2 Lads
  • Hawthorne

Keep your eyes open for additional news and travel advice to Traverse City, plus random tasting notes from all over.


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