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Back from hiatus – new location, new bottle of Pinot Noir

Greetings, all.

I apologize for being absent from the blog for a few months.  A new job, moving, the usual excuses.  But I’m back and tasting again – I have a few notes from over the summer that I’ll dust off and type in sometime soon, as well.

Today I have a new California Pinot Noir from Trader Joe’s, Bear Boat. I’m hoping this fits into the CBG (cheap but good) category.

Bear Boat Pinot Noir (2010) Russian River Valley, California – $10

20140806_203937Color: nice translucent Pinot nature with reddish-purple tones throughout.

Aroma: a heady, strawberry-and-cream nose, with other red fruit notes and a little spiciness underneath.

Taste: Comes on gently, then fuller in the mid-palate and towards the finish. But true Pinot character throughout – I highly doubt there’s Zin or Syrah blended into this. There is some noticeable heat (13.5% alcohol), but a little chill takes care of that nicely.  If you drink this on the deck in August heat, make sure you have a bucket of cool water to keep it in.

Overall, not stunning, but a respectable Pinot for under $15. Recommended.