Comique Revolution White

There are only some cryptic hints on the label as to the grapes – I’m guessing a Rhone blend, possibly with some Chardonnay.

Comique Revolution White (2010) Central Coast, California – $6

20140326_201843Color: brassy yellow, perhaps a tinge of green.

Aroma: I get some floral notes and white peaches, which leads me to believe my White Rhone guess was correct.

Taste: heady and perfumed up front, then a blast of acidity and stone-fruit in the mid-palate and some lingering oak and toast notes on the finish. It’s hard to be sure, but I’m going to say there’s around 25% Chardonnay based on the finish, with the rest Marsanne, Roussane, Grenache Blanc, and maybe some Muscat to produce the initial impression.

It’s interesting, but I don’t think it’s well balanced – the different taste impressions are disjointed. And it doesn’t have enough body for a food wine – oaky Chard lovers might enjoy this as a cocktail hour drink, but I’m going to pass.  Not recommended.



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