Alvarez de Toledo Godello

I’ve started going to Terry B’s in Dexter, Michigan (just a few miles west of Ann Arbor) 20140318_181813-1because they do house-cured charcuterie and have an excellent wine list.  This is a white from Spain that went well with the sausages and pork terrine that Megan recommended. Godello is one of the white grapes found in Galicia in northwestern Spain – it’s not as famous as Albariño, one of my personal favorites.

Alvarez de Toledo Godello (2012) Bierzo, Spain

20140318_181800Color: rosy-gold

Aroma: crisp with mineral notes

Taste: good fresh fruit, including melon, and lots of minerality. Heavier and less acidic than an Albariño, and more suited to the saltiness of the cured meats. Quite nice.

A good glass – $9 restaurant price, or $36 for the bottle. I was quite pleased with it.


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