Winetasting Report: The Wine Gallery, Dayton

I braved the sub-zero temperatures to meet up with Dan, an old distributor colleague, for some glasses last night at The Wine Gallery in downtown Dayton. I really like how their space on Monument Avenue is laid out.

We started with one of the Thanisch Kabinett Rieslings from 2010 for $22 – unfortunately, that was the last bottle, and by the time we thought of completing our tasting notes, it had gone into the recycling and I didn’t have a chance to get all the vineyard details noted down. It had fine, crisp, juicy acidity, and barely needed to be cooled down before it was really drinking well. A little bit of oily nose, then good mouthfulls of minerality, lime zest, and ripe apple. An excellent bottle. Thanisch almost always does a great job.

I ordered a burger, and we then moved on to the Chateau Segries (2005) Lirac for $19. Lirac is one of the recognized villages in the Cotes du Rhone region, and it’s so well-regarded that wines from there are allowed to just use the village name on the label. Depending on the vintage characteristics, 8 years can be pushing the envelope for a Lirac, and we were a little concerned when we opened the bottle.

The color was just starting to go bricky, and there was noticeable sediment both adhering to the bottle and suspended in the wine. The nose was also hot, and we were afraid it had started to oxidize.  After 10 minutes in the glass, however, it started to open up nicely. Not the best Rhone I’ve ever had, but quite pleasant overall, with stewed prunes, warm herb and spice notes, and good acidity throughout. If you have any 2005s from that part of the Rhone, drink them up now!



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