Blue Fin Pinot Noir

One more of the Blue Fin label from Trader Joe’s – along with Chardonnay, this is one of their two original varietal wines. It was a great bargain back in 2006-2008, and our allotments sold out very quickly.

Blue Fin Pinot Noir (2012) California – $5

Photo0338Color: good Pinot color – ruby red and limpid.

Aroma: a feminine, fruity nose, but with some depth and darkness. Blackberry and black cherry with some bramble notes as well.

Taste: A little heavier up front than a Pinot should be; I suspect this has been stretched by 10% or 15% with some Syrah or Zin. Good fruit front to back, but the finish is too brambly and tough to be a good example of Pinot Noir.

This is fine for a big cocktail party, but I wouldn’t serve it with an elegant dinner. $5 is a ridiculously low price for Pinot Noir, since the grape is finicky and subject to a lot of damage in the fields, but even the private label buyers for TJ’s have their limits. If your budget for an event restricts you to $5 a bottle, you should resign yourself to skipping Pinot Noir and choosing a wine with better typicity.


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