Cosmia Chardonnay

I tried the Pinot Noir in November, and I’m drinking the Chardonnay tonight. A simple $8 bottling from Trader Joe’s, with a homemade chicken pot pie. Recipe coming soon! The Sonoma County appellation indicates that it includes fruit from both Sonoma Valley, which is in the east of the county, and the Sonoma Coast which runs along the Pacific Ocean and the PCH.

Cosmia Chardonnay (2012) Sonoma County, California – $7

Photo0335Color: medium straw-yellow, what I’d expect for a youngish Chard.

Aroma: not very buttery; I get mostly pear out of this, although there’s a nice touch of lanolin as well.

Taste: good acidity, with pear and apple notes, and a light touch of butter. Quite reminiscent of a French apple tart in puff pastry, as a matter of fact. Lightly oaked, so the finish is softer and elegant.

Quite nice as a party wine or with chicken. Recommended.


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