La Bicarelle Organic

This is a Rhone-style organic wine from France. There’s no appellation, which probably means it was blended from two or more of the large Vin de Pays wine regions. I had this with a bowl of chili.

A quick word on organic grape-growing. If it weren’t for anti-fungal agents, most grapes would be classified as organic. Fertilizers are not appropriate, since you want the vines to struggle and produce only a few bunches of concentrated grapes. And insecticides and herbicides are rarely used, as well. But when the weather is humid, mold, mildew, rust, and blight can strike without warning, and turn an entire field of grapes into gray mush in just a few days.

La Bicarelle (2011) France – $11

Photo0332Color: on the lighter side for a Rhone style wine, but the hue is straight ruby.

Aroma: some hard-candy aroma, like the Black Mountain Pinot Noir from yesterday, with cherry and plum notes.

Taste: soft and fruity for a Rhone style; I’m guessing this is mostly Syrah, which tends to be softer than Grenache. No oak, but a pleasing layer of tannin and spice on the finish to balance with the food. A nice wine, but probably not worth the money.


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