Drinking Tonight: Blue Fin Viognier

When I last worked at Trader Joe’s 5 years ago, Blue Fin was a relatively new line, with just Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They’ve expanded the brand since then, and I was excited to try this Viognier. I’m a big fan of this lush, aromatic, and fruity white from the Rhone Valley; it’s one of my two or three favorite white varieties.

Blue Fin Viognier (2012) California – $5

Photo0311Color: quite pale brassy yellow.

Aroma: heady, the way Viognier should be; I get apricot and peach, honey, and some luscious floral notes.

Taste: an excellent, full texture with white peach and a little minerality. This isn’t cloying, but it is rich and coats the tongue nicely. There’s just a touch of smokiness on the finish.

I so prefer this to a heavy, oaked Chardonnay. For $5 this is a steal, and it works just as well with hearty risotto in the winter as it does with shrimp salad in the heat of summer. Highly recommended.



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