Drinking Tonight: Marcarini La Serra Barolo

I picked this bottle up about 6 years ago, when a nearby Italian restaurant went out of business.  They auctioned off the contents of the wine room, and my buddy Rob and I each took home about 3 mixed cases of Barolo, Barbaresco, and super-Tuscans, for pennies on the dollar.

I used my decanter when I opened this, and it’s a good thing – there was quite a bit of thick, chunky sediment in the bottle – only natural for being 12 years old.

Marcarini La Serra (2001) Barolo, Italy

Photo0306Color: very typical of the Nebbiolo grape – medium red in the middle, with a bricky edge. I learned just a few months ago that even very young Nebbiolo looks this way.

Aroma: honestly, the nose has faded – there are still some smoke and dried fruit notes, but it’s quite faint. Along with the tannic sediment, a sign that this wine shouldn’t be aged any further.

Taste: this is on the lighter side for a Barolo; plenty of cherry and floral notes up front, with a little fig, then a softer finish with oak, woodsmoke, and dried flowers. There is still enough tannin and acidity to leave a slightly-tight finish, which mellows and opens up with some food.

A great bottle of wine, even though I should have had this a year or two ago when it was closer to its peak. But it’s a great story, and a bottle that’s worth breaking out the decanter and the really good glasses for.



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