Drinking Tonight: Benefactor Cabernet

This is the sister bottling to the Chardonnay and Shiraz from this label that I’ve tried earlier this year. Another Trader Joe’s exclusive – I’m drinking this with a spicy meatball pizza, while I also prepare mini chicken pot pies for the freezer. A busy day in the kitchen!

Benefactor Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon (2012) South Eastern Australia – $6

Photo0289Color: dark, velvety purple – almost black towards the center, but not opaque or cloudy.

Aroma: ayep, a little bit of that Aussie eucalyptus and mint, plus tar and chocolate-covered cherries. This will probably be a nice mouthful.

Taste: not big right off the bat, but just wait one second and it fill up your mouth nicely – more of those spice and earth notes, plus some black cherry, dark plum, and blueberry fruit. Just a touch of heat on the very end – it’s over 14% alcohol.

I think of the three, the Chardonnay is still my favorite, but I can recommend this as a nice, fun, big Cabernet to have on hand. It’s a steal at the price.



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