Winetasting Report: Trader Joe’s

A quick stop after the Black Friday madness was over this weekend – I wanted to check out what goodies they’d brought in for Christmas. Some nice looking gift-packs of nut oils, flavored mustard, French soap, and of course chocolates.

While I was there, I hit the winetasting stand. I’m sorry that it took me a few days to get my notes transcribed, but I wasn’t in a rush since there weren’t any standouts this time.

La Granja Brut (NV) Cava, Spain – $9.50

A bubbly from Spain, clean, dry, and toasty. This is made from 70% Xarel-lo and 30% Paralleda grapes.  It’s a nice bottle, but I think for a dollar or two more you can get much better – Segura Viudas is my recommendation at that price point.

Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Rosé (2012) Mendocino County, California – $7

This is a bright pink color, and is very clean and bright on the palate. Raspberry fruit and no floral notes. Decent enough stuff, but it doesn’t pack enough of a punch for me.

Marchigue Carmenere Reserve (2012) Colchagua Valley, Chile – $9

Lots of berry fruit up front, and then this gets dark, chewy, earthy, and oaky. This definitely needs some food – a piece of beef, a slice of pungent cheese. I think they overdid it with the oak and earth on this; you might be able to age it for a few years, but there are so many other good, drinkable Carmeneres out there that I’ll take a pass on this one.


1 thought on “Winetasting Report: Trader Joe’s

  1. Patricio Jimenez Nacarate

    I need buy more Marchigue Carmenere reserve’12. Trader’s Joe, Carry this delicious Chilean wine but the run out, so! , I find a place in Albuquerque NM. Where I can get this ?????


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