Drinking Tonight: Trader Joe’s Coastal Cabernet

I’m steadily making my way through the perennial private label wines at Trader Joe’s, with the goal of having an ebook out by the end of the year. If you’re looking for a virtual stocking stuffer for anybody with a Kindle, then I have just the thing – check out my Books page for my current volumes, and keep watching this space!

Back to the bottle at hand – this comes from the Central Coast region of California, which is basically the strip running from Santa Barbara to Monterrey, from the Pacific Ocean to about 75 miles inland. This region has a great climate for grape-growing, and growers here are more free to experiment. Since they haven’t sunk thousands of dollars per acre into buying the land, the way their colleagues in Napa and Sonoma have, they don’t have such immediate pressure to bring product to market, and can devote some of their land to oddball varieties, different methods of trellising and pruning, etc.

Trader Joe’s Coastal Cabernet Sauvignon (2012) Central Coast, California – $6

Photo0285Color: textbook ruby-red Cabernet coloring.

Aroma: blackberry, cherry, cassis, and some warm spiciness. I detect a little bit of grapey character to this too – it might benefit from a little more time in the bottle.

Taste: more cassis, blackberry, and cherry, plus some black plum. The oak is just enough to lend some character to the finish, which is mildly tannic and exhibits cassis and some more spice.

This is a solid, respectable Cabernet for under $10. Recommended.


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