Drinking Tonight: Laurent Reverdy Sancerre

Sancerre is one of the great Sauvignon Blanc appellations of France. It’s located in the middle of the picturesque Loire Valley, with medieval chateaux and vineyards on both banks of the river. I picked this up from Trader Joe’s over the weekend. It’s a fair price for Sancerre.

Laurent Reverdy (2010) Sancerre – $17 

Photo0275Color: very pale golden yellow.

Aroma: lots of apple and pear notes, as well as some floral aromas – jasmine, I think, and apple blossoms.

Taste: soft and balanced – you will not mistake this for something from New Zealand. Apple and pear notes again on the tongue, along with a touch of melon and just a tiny bit of lemon curd and tangerine. There’s a bit of minerality in this as well, but it takes time to pick it out, as it’s woven through the body.

Lovely and delicate – try this with a seafood salad, Recommended!


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