Winetasting Report: Trader Joe’s

Had to be down in Kettering today, so I timed my errands to do some shopping and taste wine. Bill had some interesting stuff on the table – the first you can find anywhere, the other three are Trader Joe’s exclusives.

Marques de Caceres Rosé (2012) Rioja, Spain – $10

Not a usual time of the year for a rosé tasting, but you should consider serving this with your turkey! It has a solid pink color, is fresh, and has loads of fruit. Not too acidic, either. This is delicious, and a good price for rosé – recommended.

Edition Maximillien Spatlese Riesling (2010) Rheingau, Germany – $11.50

Rheingau is one of the smaller wine regions in Germany – always a good thing to look for, since so many Germany wines are blended from dozens of individual plots. This has big sweet apple tastes – both Golden Delicious and Granny Smith – along with a nice kick of lime zest to keep it balanced. Nice and lively – very good quality. Not my usual style, but something to have with camembert and apple slices while you sit around the fire. Also recommended.

Edition Maximillien Pinot Noir (2010) Rheingau, Germany – $10.50

Very light in color and taste both. It’s a ripe, feminine style with just berry fruit and no earthiness at all. Unfortunately, it’s just too light for most people’s palates. I wouldn’t buy this unless you were a real aficionado of Germany wines, since it’s one of the few reds you’ll see from there on the US market.

Louise d’Estree Brut (NV) France – $10

This is a basic, non-vintage, no-appellation bubbly from France – but it’s made in the traditional manner with fermentation in the bottle. It’s light and clean – not bad for such an inexpensive bottle – but I prefer the Spanish Cavas in the same price range.


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