Winetasting Report: Charles Shaw Nouveau

This is the coda to my tasting of the Beaujolais Nouveau earlier in the week. There are other winemakers throughout the world who also do a nouveau style, with the same carbonic maceration process as is used in Beaujolais. This bottle is not varietally labelled, but the major grape for Nouveau wines in California is usually Valdadigue. It was formerly known as “Napa Gamay” (since Gamay is the grape variety grown in Beaujolais), but recent research has shown that there is no such variety, and truth-in-labelling laws requires that the term Napa Gamay no longer be used.

Charles Shaw Nouveau (2013) California – $3.70

Photo0273Color: a good bright color, exactly what you’d expect in a Nouveau.

Aroma: cherry and raspberry, with just a hint of banana underneath.

Taste: you know, this isn’t bad at all. Cherry fruit, with good acidity and balance, and a decent finish to boot. This is actually better than the Georges DuBoeuf!


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