Drinking Tonight: Horizontal Chardonnay – Chablis vs. California

I’ve got a new recipe for Mahi-Mahi Risotto that I’m trying out, along with two Chardonnays – I’ll post the recipe for the fish and rice tomorrow! This is what’s called a ‘horizontal tasting’, where we sample two or more wines of the same year and grape (or style), but different producers or different regions. These are both Trader Joe’s purchases I made over the summer.

Jacques Bourguignon (2012) Chablis, France – $14

Color: very light, delicate yellow.

Photo0266Aroma: apple, pineapple, and some fresh straw and herb notes.

Taste: light and clean, with apple and pear fruit, plus notes of apple blossom. Very much a French style of Chardonnay, with good acidity and a clean, brisk finish that’s medium in length but very harmonious.

Trader joe’s Reserve Chardonnay (2012) Napa Valley, California – $11

Color: a little darker, almost straw colored.

Aroma: apple – specifically Golden Delicious – and honeysuckle, with just a touch of tropical fruit underneath.

Taste: a little richer on the tongue, but not overdone. More Golden Delicious apple, but also some butterscotch and honeyed toast notes.

These are both excellent. And they are marvellous with the rich, buttery fish and rice dish. I can recommend them both.


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