Drinking Tonight: Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Albariño

The ‘petit’ in the name of this line of wines refers to the small production run. Just like the Cameron Hughes “lot” series, these are small batches of juice that are snatched up for below market value when the producer has an overproduction, loses a contract, or gets into a cash flow crunch. I’m drinking this with clam risotto – using the last of the fresh parsley in my herb garden before the frost hits, and the last of my turkey stock from last year. Fortunately, it’s Thanksgiving soon!

Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Albariño (2012) Paso Robles, California – $9

Photo0262Color: light straw yellow.

Aroma: golden delicious apple, apricot, and some nice floral notes – maybe purple lilac?

Taste: good body and acidity, with apple and pear dominating on the palate. It definitely is a wine for seafood.

This is a good deal – you don’t see a lot of Albariño grown outside of northwestern Spain, and this is a respectable production. Recommended – snap some up before it’s gone.



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