Drinking Tonight: Goats in Villages Chenin Blanc-Viognier

The Goats do Roam people have cut back on the number of wines they produce. That’s a good thing – they were getting to be a parody of themselves, in my opinion. During that process, they’ve private-labelled a few productions. This is clearly labelled as coming from them, but it’s sold exclusively at Trader Joe’s (in the Ohio market, at least). There’s nothing on the label about the blend proportions; let’s see what we can figure out. I’m drinking this with a seafood risotto.

Goats in Villages Chenin Blanc-Viognier (2010) Western Cape, South Africa – $12

Photo0256Color: full straw yellow with a lot of green undertones.

Aroma: big perfume aromas, which means that the Viognier percentage is significant. I get just a touch of the melon aroma from the Chenin Blanc – but Chenin is always quiet on the nose compared to Viognier.

Taste: ah, there’s the melon, followed by some dried apricot and more floral elements. I’m guessing that this is somewhere in the range of 60% Chenin and 40% Viognier. The finish is pretty powerful, with dried fruit and some candied/carmelized notes. It’s certainly big enough for risotto, and would easily handle lobster or hearty fin fish.

Overall, this is a nice example of the South African take on a White Rhone style. I like the visual and olfactory appeal, and it’s certainly big enough in the mouth. It’s good value for the money: not an absolute steal like some of the Spanish I’ve been drinking lately, but enough to get a Recommended tag from me. Buy a few bottles before it’s gone!



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