Drinking Tonight: Benefactor Cellars Chardonnay

A cheap Aussie chard from Trader Joe’s, to go with some warm, gooey Camembert. I’m hoping this won’t be very oaky. The spooky label is certainly appropriate for Halloween season!

Benefactor Cellars Chardonnay (2012) South Eastern Australia – $6.00

Photo0244Color: brassy yellow with green undertones.

Aroma: golden delicious apple and some butter – this has obviously undergone some amount of malolactic fermentation.

Taste: moderately buttery – the apple and butter notes are just about 50-50. It retains good acidity, has no obtrusive oak notes, and is not heavy, fat, flabby, or hot. It works wonderfully with the cheese! Just enough acidity to set off the fatty richness, and the apple notes are a perfect pairing with Camembert. When you don’t have Calvados (apple brandy from Normandy), grab an appley Chardonnay instead! Recommended.



One thought on “Drinking Tonight: Benefactor Cellars Chardonnay

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