Drinking Tonight: 2 Cabernet Sauvignons with Beef Stew

Popping open two inexpensive 2012 Cabs for a side-by-side comparison with a quicky beef stew for dinner.  I purchased both of these at Trader Joe’s this summer: Black Mountain has been one of their California House Brands for ages, while La Finca is a new Argentinian label that I’ve written about in two previous tasting notes before.

La Finca Cabernet Sauvignon (2012) Mendoza, Argentina – $5.

Color: ruby red.

Aroma: red fruit and oak, with noticeable acidity.

Taste: surprisingly full body for an inexpensive Cab; the flavor is more red fruit – cherry and red cassis, predominately – with just a little oak and some solid acidity. It’s more like cherry jam on the finish, which isn’t impressive but better than you’d expect for a $5. Decent stuff.

Black Mountain “Fat Cat” Cabernet Sauvignon (2012) California – $8.70.

Color: darker – more of a garnet color, with hints of purple in the depths.

Aroma: a balance of red and black fruit – noticeable cassis in this.

Taste: surprisingly mute on the tongue; there’s not a lot going on with fruit, oak, spice, acid, or tannin. No rough edges, but nothing to latch on to. Disappointing. Not recommended.

Neither of these were winners, unfortunately.  The other wines from La Finca are certainly better, and there are plenty of good Cabernets under $10 if you do some looking – check my blog tags or the search function in the right-hand navigation menu to see my other Cabernet tasting notes.




4 thoughts on “Drinking Tonight: 2 Cabernet Sauvignons with Beef Stew

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