Drinking Tonight: La Finca Malbec

A cheap ($5) bottle from Mendoza, Argentina.  I’m not expecting much, but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s varietally correct and has no rough edges – a good wine to serve at big parties, for not much more than 2-Buck-Chuck. I’m having this with steak salad.

Photo0227Color: Nice reddish-purple.

Aroma: plum, cherry, and spice – a mix of fresh fruit and stewed fruit.

Taste: That’s more than decent for a cheap Malbec; a mix of fruit and spice washing over the tongue, with just a touch of vanilla from the oak. Nice length on the finish, good with beef.

This isn’t a fruit-forward California style, but should be more than good enough for a large crowd of casual wine-drinkers or a carryout cheeseburger for dinner. Recommended.


3 thoughts on “Drinking Tonight: La Finca Malbec

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