Drinking Tonight: Found Object Malbec

This is an $8 bottle from Mendoza, 2011 vintage, from Trader Joe’s – came recommended from Bruce and Bill. I’m having this tonight with a chile relleno.

Photo0217Color: rich reddish-purple.

Aroma: plummy fruit with some spice – nutmeg maybe? – but not overwhelming aroma.  I’ll see if it opens up a bit with some air.

Taste: a nice complex of flavors; this is not a 1-note Malnec. I get dark plum, black cherry, cherry jam, oak, black pepper, and pomegranate liqueur. Pretty impressive for $8!

It stands up to the stuffed pepper quite well.  I would also serve this with dry-rubbed barbeque, pulled pork, or a meaty pizza. After about 20 minutes, the nose opens up – it’s still more on the earthy/spicy side, but it does become more generous. Recommended!



One thought on “Drinking Tonight: Found Object Malbec

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