Winetasting Report: Trader Joe’s

Did some shopping this afternoon at Trader Joe’s in Kettering, and tried 2 wines as well. (I always make sure to taste judiciously, drink water, nibble on something, and use the spit/dump bucket when I taste at multiple venues in the same day.)

Saint-Bris (2012) Sauvignon de Saint-Bris, France, $13.

A strange little subzone of eastern France, near Burgundy, but specializing in Sauvignon Blanc. This is crisp, with big grassy, mineral, and gooseberry notes. Very nice, and not at all like a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. A really good deal for the money, and a fantastic wine for raw oysters or other shellfish. Recommended.

Zumaya Tempranillo (2011) Ribero del Duero, $11.50.

Fruity – but this is a young Ribero with probably no time in oak. A big impression up front, but it tails off pretty quickly without much sophistication. The La Granja Tempranillo I tried a few weeks ago (and bought a case of) is a much better deal.



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