Drinking Tonight: 2 Sangiovese

Having a pizza tonight, and facing off two inexpensive Sangiovese bottlings from Trader Joe’s.

Vola Sangiovese (2012) Puglia, Italy, $4

Color: bright garnet red

Aroma: heavier, spicier than usual for a Sangiovese

Taste: the hotter climate in Puglia makes this wine denser in fruit, with less of the orange peel and spice.

I’m not sure I like the style. It was quite thin when first opened up but it put on some heft after 30 minutes.

Grifone 1967 (2009) Toscana, Italy, $8

Color: Purple-red

Aroma: Heady cherry, plum, and berry fruit, with some spiciness underneath.

Taste: quite lush; a little oak to integrate the fruity Cab and the more laid-back Sangiovese. More berry fruit, with oak and spice coming on in the mid-palate and a very well-balanced finish.

This is one of the original super-Tuscans, with 10% Cabernet and 5% Syrah to go with the Sangiovese.

Clear winner to the Grifone; I don’t think it’s worthwhile to save a few more dollars on the Vola, because the experience with the super-Tuscan is so much more pleasing.


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