Drinking Tonight: Old Moon Zinfandel and Tres Pinos Red

Two old favorites from Trader Joe’s, along with some ribs – I need some comfort food tonight. Tres Pinos is a Cab-Merlot-Syrah blend, equal thirds.

Old Moon Old Vine Zinfandel (2010) California, $8.00

Color: Purple shading to black-purple in the center, nice and dense.

Aroma: cassis and blackberry, with some heat. Some white pepper, not picking up any black pepper.

Taste: Ah, there’s the pepper. Black pepper, white pepper, the fruit is full but not quite jammy, and there’s sufficient acidity to make this a food wine. Quite nice for $8.

Tres Pinos Red (2010) San Luis Obispo, California, $7.00

Color: Purple with some red, darker than I remember previous vintages.

Aroma: Gentle plummy fruit, a touch of woodsmoke.

Taste: Meaty – the Syrah really shows up in the mouth, with some cherry and plum fruit from the Merlot. Not tasting the Cab at all, really, except for the tannic contribution in the mid-palate. The finish is jammier. This is much more a California wine than a Rhone style; drinkable but not sophisticated, full but not long. 

You know, they both go well with these ribs; they’re precooked, and the sauce is a little sweeter and less spicy than I normally would use if making from scratch. The Zin outpoints the blend slightly, but they are both pleasant with the meat.



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