Drinking Tonight: 3 Whites with Gazpacho – Orvieto, Gewurztraminer, and Viognier

I just posted my recipe for corn gazpacho. I used about a half-cup of the Orvieto in the recipe, and I’m tasting that with 2 other whites as well – all three purchased from Trader Joe’s in the last 2 months. These are all very different wines in style, body, grape, and geography, so let’s see which works best with the cold soup!

Photo0161Gaetano d’Aquino (2012) Orvieto Classico, Italy, $6.50

Color: very pale.

Aroma: light floral notes and melon.

Taste: Very clean, with good acidity and a light, bright texture. Creamy lemon and little touch of pineapple, then a crisp finish.

This is the wine is used in making the gazpacho; it’s my favorite cooking wine because it is unoaked and has such a clean flavor profile, with good acidity. You need that acid when cooking to balance the fats and provide some zip. I like to have a bottle of this on hand for any time I’m making a chicken simmer sauce or risotto, and it’s absolutely fabulous for deglazing.

Michel Leon Gewurztraminer (2011) Alsace, France, $15

Color: a darker gold color.

Aroma: huge lychee fruit, then some spice and pepper.

Taste: this is sweeter than I was expecting, it definitely needs to be drunk on the colder side. Lots of lush tropical fruit and good minerality. Not so great with gazpacho, but this will be awesome with Thai. Pretty well priced; most name brand Alsatians start at $20 and up.

Honey Moon Viognier (2012) California, $8

Color: medium yellow-straw.

Aroma: apricot, peach, peach nectar. Almost foxy.

Taste: Heavy on the body, with lots of stone fruit layers and some smokiness – think peach melba. Classic Viognier profile. Not a lot of length, though – I was expecting more on the finish.  Best of the three with the Gazpacho.


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