Winetasting Report

3 Trader Joe’s wines during my Sunday shopping trip.  Filled up a case that I’ll be reporting on in the next 2 weeks – look for some Chilean and Spanish tonight, plus a bunch of Italians. This tasting report is a mixed bag.

Hans Wilhelm Sparkling (NV) Germany, $6.99

Not labelled as a Sekt, but that’s basically what this is – lightly sparkling, just very lightly sweet white wine from Germany. Pretty decent stuff, actually. A good choice for Mimosas or Bellinis (see my eBook on the subject).

Vintage Press Chardonnay (2011) Napa Valley, California, $11.99

Nice – not overoaked, with a good balance of tropical and citrus fruit, pear, and some toastiness. Quite well made, and a good alternative to Pouilly Fuisse.

Vintage Press Cabernet Sauvignon (2010) Napa Valley, California, $11.49

I’m not as impressed by the red; it has some good taste notes, but overall it’s too thin. It doesn’t have the cedar and spice you’d expect from a Bordeaux, but it’s also missing the in-your-face fruit of a more typical Napa Cabernet. Not recommended.


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