Drinking Tonight: Panilonco Carmenere

This is the 2011 – I’ll report on the 2012 shortly. A basic $6 Carmenere from Trader Joe’s, from the Colchagua Valley region in Chile.  I’m having this with pizza tonight.

Photo0150Color: purple.

Aroma: wow, very dense and heady – grape jelly, lots of cassis and other dark fruit.  Reminds me of working in the pressroom at my parents’ vineyard when I was a kid.

Taste: well, a little underwhelming. The nose promises a lot but the palate doesn’t quite deliver.  It’s not bad, mind you, just not what I was getting psyched up for. Fruit, decent spice, not a lot of tannin until the very finish. Maybe the 2012 will be better.

Not a winner, but I wouldn’t turn it down.  The price is right for entertaining large groups.


One thought on “Drinking Tonight: Panilonco Carmenere

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