Drinking Tonight: Chateau Coucy

I’ve been enjoying this for some time – it’s a Montagne Saint-Emilion, one of the little satellite appellations in Bordeaux, uphill from Libourne on the right bank.  I’ve just about consumed all my 2000s; I think I’ve got 2 bottles left after this.  It’s been drinking very nice for the last 5 years.

Color: bricky red with a little cloudiness from the suspended sediments.  Still some purple in the depths.

Aroma: very Cab Franc dominated – cedar, smoke, black pepper – plus some plummy fruit.

Taste: excellent balance: fruit and acid up front, then switching over to tannin and spice in the midpalate.  Dry tannins on the finish – but after 30 minutes or so it softens and opens up some more.

Still plenty of life in this one – another example of why 2000 Bordeaux is the vintage of the century.  And this was just $20 or so when I bought it 8-10 years ago.





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