Drinking Tonight: Barnard Griffin Sangiovese Rosé

This is one of the few leftover bottles I have from last summer – it’s the 2011 vintage, Columbia Valley.  A nice producer, I’ve been a fan of this for some time.  I’m having this with grilled soy-sherry marinated chicken breasts.

Color: deep for a rosé – dark pink like fresh red raspberries. 

Aroma: classic Sangiovese – cherry and burnt orange peel, with a touch of star anise

Taste: Lively, with excellent acidity and fruit. The spice and the tiny touch of tannin show up on the finish. Very nice, and reminiscent of a good Italian rosé.  As good a quality as this wine is, I’m surprised that there aren’t more Tuscan-style wines from Washington.  Someone needs to get on that!

A definite buy for the summer.  I’ll have a report on the recently released 2012 in the next 6 weeks, I hope.  My eBook on rosé should be out around the same time – look for Wine Me Up! Rosé in July.



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