Drinking Tonight: Chateau Moulin de Beausejour

A basic Bordeaux Superieur (which refers to alcohol content, not any inherent advantage in quality) from Trader Joe’s. The 2011 cost $8.50, so I’m not expecting much. At worst, I can throw this in an ice cube tray and use it for sauces and stews.  

Color: A nice blue-purple; it’s young, obviously, but this means it was made with good climate control, hygiene, and attention to oxygen.

Aroma: Definitely some cassis in there, along with cherry and some other berry fruit. 13.5% alcohol, but you can’t smell it.

Taste: Yeah, it’s young and it’s tight. This falls off very quickly, leaving just tannin on the finish. Fairly well balanced up front.

I’m going to leave a bottle in the cellar and see what it’s like in 2-3 years.



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